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Treat people in your local area with ease. Bruno helps workers in allied health and support services provide care for patients in their local community without having to set up a practice or agency.

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Why Health Professionals partner with Bruno

A cost-effective and convenient way to deliver in-home care to patients.

You don’t need a receptionist to provide quality care

Patients on the Bruno app can bypass reception and speak to you directly.

Start learning about your patient or client before you meet them.

By speaking to the patient directly you can begin to build a relationship and understanding of their problem before the initial consultation.

Simplify health care payments

Bill patients directly through Bruno. Patients can store their billing details in the app and they can easily submit claims after their appointment with you to their health fund or NDIS plan.

Work when it suits you

You can individually set your availability on the Bruno platform. Providers can work in a flexible manner in their local community.

Track and manage your upcoming appointments

Track and manage your upcoming appointments in real-time. Appointments, messages and bills are all easy to find at your fingertips.

Introducing Bruno Lite

Bruno’s latest version - Bruno Lite has functionality that can massively benefit our community in providing fast, flexible and affordable care. Whether you are a Physiotherapist or a Therapy Student, it is easy to get started on the Bruno platform. Register your interest now and you’ll be one of the first providers on the platform.

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Our Partners

“The true advantage of Bruno Health compared to regular physiotherapy clinics is that it's more accessible and efficient for the patient and the physiotherapist. Patients finally have an option in desperate situations and/or on public holidays or weekends”

– Frank Reynolds, Physiotherapist

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