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Meet Bruno

Bruno is a community healthcare platform that aims to make allied health services more affordable and fairer for everyone. The platform connects patients to qualified physios, therapy assistants and support workers available for home visits in their local area.

Through the Bruno app, patients can search, message, book and pay health professionals. All providers are screened by Bruno, ensuring a quality and professional service, and all sessions can be claimed on private healthcare and NDIS.

Bruno is currently available to patients in Perth, Western Australia.

Media Enquiries

Zachary Nielsen

0408 911 027

By reducing the overheads associated with standard allied health clinics, Bruno is able to offer high-quality services at a lower cost.



Zach Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Zach is a Curtin University-trained physiotherapist and entrepreneur. He has eight years’ experience in the health and disability industry, and is passionate about helping people who are experiencing poor health.

Zach is a passionate, generous and hardworking individual, motivated to improve both himself and the lives of those around him. He is dedicated and resilient, demonstrated through the development of several health care and disability companies, with the aim to assist those in need.

Peter Edwards

Chief Technology Officer

Peter is a software developer with a passion for healthcare. He has a degree in health studies, and believes the most efficient way to maximise access to quality health services is through technology.

For Peter, quality healthcare is synonymous with people’s ability to enjoy their lives. He hopes better digital tools will help patients get the best treatment possible.

Zach and Peter previously co-founded Ascend Health Group, which since 2017 has engaged health and medical students to deliver exceptional support services for people with disabilities.


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Work with us

Bruno Health is a beacon against health industry complacency, challenging the notion that patients must pay a premium for healthcare because “it’s just the way the industry works”.

Believing we can do better has allowed Bruno to achieve an enviable workplace culture. Employees are trusted with a high degree of autonomy, leading to a culture described by the majority of employees as “amazing” in a recent anonymous survey.

Bruno’s attrition rates for support work are among the lowest in the industry, which is attributed to the company delivering to a level far above the current industry standard for support work.