Cultural awareness for house-based services

Join us as Bruno Health and Ascend Health Group co-founder Zach Nielsen presents this session's topic on cultural awareness for house-based.

Are you passionate about going the extra mile to provide a quality service? To better help clients, we often need to step into their world to fully understand how best to meet their needs and to make them feel comfortable that we have their best interests in mind.

After working for the last eight years in the disability sector, Zach has first-hand experience in the importance of adopting culturally sensitive work practices and the impact this can have on the outcome for clients.

What we'll cover:

  • Practical tips for working with a diverse group of people,
  • The impact of this approach on client outcomes,
  • How you can adopt culturally sensitive practices in your work,
  • Q & A: share your situation and get Zach's insight.

About Bruno Social:

Everyone is welcome to join us as we take our popular Bruno Social events online. These events are aimed at giving health professionals the practical training they need to confidently enter the workplace and enjoy their careers, raising the quality of healthcare in the community.

These events are presented by Zach Nielsen, a practising physiotherapist and the co-founder of both Ascend Health Group and Bruno Health. Zach has over eight years of experience in the disability sector and has first-hand experience in the challenges facing health professionals.

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