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Do you need reliable health information or have a question you want answered by a professional? Bruno Forum connects you to knowledgeable providers that can give you answers you can trust.

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What is Bruno Health Forum

The internet is a big place, and with the growing concern of fake news, it can often be hard to find the information you need that you can trust. That's why we created Bruno Health Forum. You can now browse health related topics and ask questions at your own convenience knowing that you will get the right answers that you need.

Friendly team

Our team is passionate about helping others and growing our platform so that everyone has access to quality health information. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed into the Bruno Health community.

Qualified providers

We screen all the professionals that sign up with Bruno so that we can ensure they are qualified to respond to your questions.

Trusted platform

Not only are we overloaded with so much information online these days, it’s very difficult to know what we can trust. That’s why we’ve brought together a wealth of knowledge and experience into one place.

Comprehensive screening

Not only are all our providers qualified to respond to your questions, we undertake a comprehensive screening process when they sign up.

Easy to use

Using Bruno Health Forum is as simple as filling in our online form and clicking on submit. You’ll be notified as soon as an allied health professional responds.

Moderated content

To ensure that we provide an inclusive and safe community health service, we review all questions and answers. This means that you can feel confident to keep returning and finding the answers you need.

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What is Bruno

Bruno is both a mobile phone app and a web tool that allows communities to connect with their local allied health professionals. You no longer have to pay for your therapists or support workers overheads. With a mobile online clinic, the money from your appointment goes back into your healthcare and support providers pocket. Using Bruno will save you money and time.

From Physiotherapists to Support Workers, Bruno has a wide selection of healthcare professionals to get you feeling better in no time.

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“The true advantage of Bruno Health compared to regular physiotherapy clinics is that it's more accessible and efficient for the patient and the physiotherapist. Patients finally have an option in desperate situations and/or on public holidays or weekends”

– Frank Reynolds, Physiotherapist

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