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Bruno Social

Learn what they don't teach you at university with Bruno social. We aim to provide tools for healthcare professionals to better help their patients and enjoy their work more.

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One of the biggest challenges when entering the workforce is transferring the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom into the workplace setting. With healthcare experiencing a serious shortage of skilled workers, students are often thrown in the deep end with little support or guidance as soon as they finish their education. It's no surprise that healthcare professionals are unprepared and report feeling overwhelmed by their workloads, with serious implications for their long-term mental health and the outcomes for their clients.

Improve client outcomes

Some studies have shown that up to 60% of health professionals feel their education did not adequately prepare them for the workplace.

It starts with you

We aim to teach you the practical skills that you don't get at uni so that you can manage your mental health better and enjoy your work more.

Professional training

Our sessions are run by Zach Nielsen, a physio with 8 years experience in disability care, and founder of both Ascend Health Group and Bruno Health.

Discounts for Providers

Become a Bruno provider and receive discounts on all Bruno Social events. You'll also be able to become your own boss and start connecting with clients.

Bruno social is not just about providing practical skills, but it's also about joining a network of healthcare professionals that are dedicated to improving the way services are delivered to the community. Bruno Social ensures students and healthcare professionals can access critical training so they can meet a very high standard of care.

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“I’m not someone that is tech-savvy and it's simple and easy to use, I mean really easy”

– Frances Marsden, Customer

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